Lifestyle at Radiant Senior Living Communities

Lifestyle of Choice

At our Radiant Senior Living communities, our residents enjoy an active, engaging lifestyle that promotes wellness and independence. Residents have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, meals and events that stimulate the body,mind and spirit.

The Healthy Living Life Enrichment program at our Radiant Senior Living communities focuses on a lifestyle of choice that enables our residents to have the best quality of life possible. Read on to see how our Life Enrichment program provides opportunities to engage the mind, body and spirit. Connect with a community near you to see a list of current activities and events! 

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Healthy Living Life Enrichment - Body at Radiant Senior Living


Each of our communities feature a variety of activities, event programming and menus that focuses on the unique needs and tastes of our residents in providing for a healthy body. We believe a variety of physical activities aids in providing a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle. Participating in a physical fitness regimen as we age is important for increased agility, balance, and flexibility. Our senior-focused physical activities are designed to improve flexibility, circulation, balance, agility, strength and endurance. In addition to our focus on physical fitness, our community dining programs features a nutritious diet of choice. Our cooking and gardening activities often feature even more opportunities to provide healthy substance for a whole-body approach to senior living.


A whole-body approach to fitness cannot be complete without the exercise of the mind! Events with cognitive support and memory maintenance--designed with our residents in mind--may help keep seniors engaged and sharp. Our communities often hosts in guest lecturers, cultural discussions and support groups to stimulate the minds of our residents and guests.

Healthy Living Life Enrichment - Mind at Radiant Senior Living
Healthy Living Life Enrichment - Spirit at Radiant Senior Living


Creativity, spirituality and passionate interests help shape each of us as an individual. Our healthy living life-enrichment program is designed to have a whole body approach that includes body, mind and-- just as importantly--spirit. We honor our residents’ individual interests with a variety of cultural, musical, artistic and spiritual opportunities. In addition, we plan these activities with input from the people whose opinion matters the most—our residents!

Discover more about our Healthy Living Life Enrichment Program by exploring the events, activities, and dining program for a Radiant Senior Living community near you.