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Step 5 — Make Your Decision Easy: Remove Communities that Don’t Fit Your Needs and Then Compare

You’ve gone through the homework of preparing your list of current needs, budget, future possible needs and desires for the move into senior living. You have researched the communities to fit your needs and toured communities to compare with your desires. By this point, you may have a clear winner and have already put down your community deposit and rented the moving trucks. If so, congratulations!

You may also be sitting down and looking at a few communities side by side. If that is the case then a little more narrowing down of choices may be required.

Make your senior living decision easy with these three steps:

  • Look at the communities critically with your needs lists in hand. If any do not fit the needs or stand out as possibly not being able to fill your needs in the way that you want then take them off of your possibilities list.
  • Compare the communities that are left against your desires list. Does one fit more desires than the other? Did it have a special ambiance when you toured that the other communities just didn’t give you? Take out any communities that don’t fit your desires.
  • If you still haven’t landed on the right community because more than one community fills your needs and desires, then go visit the remaining communities again. Take the opportunity to visit a few activities, get to know residents and see how it will be to live in that community.

We hope that these 5 First Steps in Your Senior Living Journey have proven to be helpful to you in your search for the right senior living community for yourself or a loved one. Find a Radiant Senior Living community near you to learn more about what our communities offer and how they may meet your needs and desires for a Senior Living community.

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