Senior living at Radiant Senior Living communities

Step 3 — Focus your Search to Communities that Fit Your Needs & Budget

As you begin your search for a community online, in a published retirement guide, over the phone or in person at communities compare the community services and costs to your needs and budget. Take your list of health and budgetary needs and go through that list as you examine each community. If communities don’t fit your needs, cross them off of your search list.

Remember: It is important that your needs list reflect your actual needs and honest budgetary restrictions. You don’t want to potentially cross off a community that could be a wonderful home for you or a family member because you were too broad or had unrealistic expectations. If something doesn’t seem completely clear on a communities website or in their marketing material take the time to call and ask about specific needs as you will find many communities are able to fulfill different needs or have resources to help fill those needs.

Now, set up tours with the communities that made your list!

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