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Step 4 — Tour Communities

The great thing about going through the list of your needs as you search for a senior living community is that you are not wasting time during tours, but rather focusing in on your wish list for the right senior living community. Touring a community can be FUN!

Set up tours with communities, or drop in and tour a community, with your checklists of needs, future possible needs and desires in hand.

Tips for a successful senior living tour:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to really get to know a community. Try not to set several tours at different communities up in one day as you will be rushing from one appointment to the next and will not have the chance to really see what a community has to offer.
  • Sit in for a meal or activities. Often communities have events that potential residents can attend to see what it is like to live in that community. Tours can be set up within or around these events in most cases. Take advantage of your time at a community by really getting a feel for the dining, activities and staff.
  • Have a checklist of your needs and desires in hand and a list of specific questions to ask. This will help you focus your tour to answer your questions and help address any needs you or a loved one might have.
  • Talk to staff. Take a moment to meet and talk with staff members that you or your loved one may interact with regularly.
  • Put down a deposit or schedule a follow-up meeting! Sometimes you will find that you tour a community and it meets all of your needs and desires beyond your expectations and you want to put a down payment and reserve your spot then and there. Using the tools from the previous steps you may wish to make this decision on the spot and feel comfortable doing so because you’ve done your homework! Other times you may want to tour other communities and compare. Either way, schedule a follow up meeting by phone or in person to continue the relationship. You never know when the right opportunity will open up!

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